American Express Case Study Essay

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Comprehensive Learning Assessment 1

Bikky Maharjan
Kings College/West cliff University
Professor: Victor Abraham/ Samyukta Rupakheti

8 February, 2016


The following case analysis includes the analysis of cases ‘American Express’ and ‘NASA’. The case “NASA” talks about the shuttle program of NASA and its effect on the organizational commitment of NASA employees and the employees of the contractors who worked with the NASA. And also it talks about the factors that ATK used in its statistical models to identify “flight risk” during the shuttle program. It also talks about the factors that are likely important as well as less important for the prediction of voluntary turnover.

And with other case, “American Express”, it talks about our feelings as an American Express about having significant part of our bonus ties to customers willing to recommend the company to a friend. It also talks about the upside and the downside of the approach. Secondly, it is about the theory that seem to be most present and least present in these strategies and about the company rectifying such omissions.

Introduction to Organization Commitment:
Commitment simply means to be dedicated. So,
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Employee will get performance based incentives
2. Employees effort on organization will be more visible
3. Employee must deal with their customer properly.
4. Organization gets more customers with recommendation.
Downside of American Express Approach:
1. Limitation or boundary for employee performance will be customer satisfaction.
2. It is not necessary that every customer will recommend their friend to use the service they are using or it is not necessary that friend will follow their friend recommendation.
3. It is not mandatory that company will know the employee from which service friend is recommended.
4. It will hard for company to make fair incentives.

Analysis of motivation theories to the strategies:

The most

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