Domino's Pizza Executive Summary

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Executive Summary
Tom Monaghan founded Domino 's Pizza, in the USA, back in the 1960. Many more Domino’s Pizza were opened by Tom through franchising. He expanded the Domino 's chain around the world, creating a leading pizza delivery business. Driven by their passion for delicious homemade pizza and good customer services has earned them loyal customers all across the world (Domino 's, 2017).
CSR projects are one of the main focus points for Domino’s pertaining to social economic issues through customers, employees, the community and the environment. For them it is not just about the profit but focus on the sustainability of each project making sure each employee stays motivated to grow the company as a whole. The participation in these projects
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Poverty influences everything and everyone regardless of your income.
5 Affects Poverty Has on South Africa: according to (Project, 2017)
1. Malnutrition
People living in poverty do not always have access to healthy foods. These foods are available in food stores but is unlikely that they are able to purchase them due to insufficient income. The healthiest foods are usually the most expensive; therefore, a person living in poverty is much more likely to purchase food that is less healthy, because that is all they can afford. Poor nutrition in South Africa causes 45 % of deaths in children, under the age of 5, which causes the population to decrease and will have a negative impact on the economy said by the Borgen Project.
2. Health
People living in poverty are attracted to diseases more often because they lack the resources to maintain a good living standard and environment. They do not consume healthy foods, which decreases their bodies’ ability to fight off diseases. Hygienic conditions are poor, increasing the possibility of contracting a disease. In general, people living in poverty do not have the luxury to medicines to treat these diseases and increasing the death rate among the poor

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