Case Analysis Of Pepsi

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Executive summary

This report we analysis, Pepsi cola in soft drink/beverage industry in order to recommend the better company for investment. The conclusions are drawn based upon results of financial analysis. A recommendation is given at the end of the report. Both PepsiCo and Coca-Cola are strong leaders in the highly profitable soft drink/beverage industry. PepsiCo achieved slightly better growth rate in sales and net profit.

Pepsi Cola (Bred Drink) a soft drink prepared by Drug store owner Mr. Caleb Bradham in January 1898. The small Drug store situated at city of North Carolina. The Bred drink registered in 1903 with the name of Pepsi Cola. Today Pepsi is available in more than 160 countries of the world including Soviet
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Quality Management
3. Process and Capacity Design
4. Location Strategy
5. Layout Design and Strategy
6. Job Design and Human Resources
7. Supply Chain Management..

8. Inventory Management..

9. Scheduling..

10. Maintenance.

PepsiCo?s operations management practices ensure high performance and productivity. The company uses different measures or criteria to evaluate actual productivity. The following are some of the productivity measures used at PepsiCo:

1. Batches per facility per day
2. New product ideas per year
3. New accounts per year

Corporate Culture and Values

The PepsiCo policies for employees provide excellent working conditions, generous compensation and benefits packages. PepsiCo main aim is hard to develop the competency of the management teams who in turn, continuously improve the business and working environment. They established systems to ensure the reward and recognition program is part of management culture and continual career development for company employees.

PepsiCo Policy empowers all employees to deliver sustained growth. They promote a good work-life balance to help employees not only fulfill their responsibilities in the company but also spend time with their families.
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In fact, it scored a coup last year when it inked a multiyear partnership agreement with the NBA, wresting that business away from its principal rival, The Coca-Cola Company. Salty snacks, importantly, are a growing consumer category, whereas demand for carbonated drinks has been on the decline for a while., the company has over 20 brands that each generate more than $1 billion in annual retail
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