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What are the facts?
Telstra has digitally connected more than 16 million of its cellular customers with each other and across the globe. Knowing the fact that its customers and Telstra’s employees are engaged digitally with each other for resolving their queries and seeking solutions to their problems related to Telstra’s products and also sharing their experiences, they recognized the need to create a Digital CX experience at a fast-pace. Subsequently, their customers were hoping and deserving the equal level of authenticity from interactions in the digital world in the same way they would do traditionally in the offline world.
CrowdSupport is Telstra’s online community which connects its customers on a common platform through
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The journey started with the centralization of the existing web platforms and teams as Telstra had five unique internet platforms, 5 distinct alliance sets including suppliers and 5 different methods in imitation of UX and design. Collectively bringing all of them in one task, Telstra Digital was formed as one of the most prevalent digital teams across the country sourcing some of the best digital talents in the market. The game-changing initiative was a unified approach to information and channel architecture moving towards one platform as a whole. As a result, CrowdSupport, Telstra 24x7 smart-phone and tablet apps were developed revolutionizing the approach Telstra relates to and serves its customers furthermore cutting the organization’s cost-to-serve by a significant…show more content…
In today’s world, government, businesses and consumers are accessing and responding to digital shifts. Technology products and services like mobile, fibre-optic networks, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) play a vital role in the lives of millions of people transforming business either big or small. Technology is revolutionizing access to education, healthcare and financial services giving people access to more content and information at the touch of a button at the same time risks that involve competitive dynamics, leaving many people

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