Case Assignment: Reflection For Hearing Impairment

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Assignment 1: Reflection paper on an interview session on casework Case background Mrs. Chan, 33-years-old, has a daughter, Yan, with severe hearing impairment in both ears. Her daughter has entered an Early Education and Training Centre (EETC) since 2015 October to have language training class once a week. Mrs. Chan has given up her full-time job when her daughter is at the age of 1 in order to take care of her daughter and moved to a new house. After the above changes, Yan had started to crying loudly and screaming every lesson. Yan was looked after by maternal grandparents at weekdays since she was 2-months-old. There is discrepancy in the issue of raising a child between Mrs. Chan and her parents. Her husband is busy working and shows little…show more content…
These skills resulted in establishing rapport with Mrs. Chan. Table 1 listed more techniques I applied to deepen the conversation of Mrs. Chan’s concern with illustrations of sample conversation. The use of all techniques not only increased Mrs. Chan’s awareness of her here-and-now situations and emotions, but also allowed me to understand her coping capacity and adjustment. Besides, ‘Tell me more about……’ was said to collect more information and keep assessing Mrs. Chan’s plight. Then, in order to break her loneliness, I recommended her a resource - a parent support group in which she could meet and share with other parents with hearing impaired child. Moreover, skills of focusing and deepening were also employed, such as, ‘Yan has obvious improvement in the language class, how about at home?’ and ‘Does your husband support your decision of becoming a housewife?’ Mrs. Chan told me that pressure exists between her husband and her; and she felt stressed in looking after Yan. At the end, she agreed to work together with me to cope with these stresses in the next session. Skills Examples Clarification in context - ‘Mrs. Chan, how’s the recent relationship between you and Yan?’ - ‘How’s good feeling as a consequence…show more content…
You think you are apparently not a responsible mother. However, you still took my advice and attempted to do this with a willing heart. Finally, the problem has been improved.’ Reframing - ‘Regarding becoming a full-time mum, adaptation is an essential stage’ Use of self - ‘I appreciate you that you are very willing to put your job aside and become a full-time mum. Your willing heart is great in my

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