Business Case Study Vs Business Plan

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Business Case vs. Business Plan
The terms Business Case and Business Plan are generally misunderstood and are used interchangeably. These two terms are quite diverse from each other though both terms are used in carrying and planning business and laying down the foundation of organisations. A business case may or may not start a project whereas a business plan shows that the project has already kicked off.

Business Case
A business case is a purposeful sales document formulated to illustrate how a business will carry out a project, give the value of the project to the prospective client and ask for the client’s business. Therefore, it is a document that a business submits to another enterprise or organization putting forward a business arrangement.
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A solicited proposal should take the format called for in the Request for Proposal. Usually, this entails a quick description of the services and products offered by your business and clearly showing their relevance to the goals of the RFP; the scope of work, response to specific questions raised in the RFP and a quotation detailing materials, equipment, labor, delivery and other basics of the project outlay. An unsolicited business proposal may or may not take the same format. The intention is to create and develop a business opportunity, and so it is advisable to follow the same format or any that is popular with the industry. Address all the questions that the potential client might have. With an unsolicited proposal, it is up to you to decide the structure and format but ensure that the proposal is professional, highlights key areas of interest, presents a value proposition, is thoroughly researched and loaded with facts and with a call to…show more content…
It includes informative sections, specifically the executive summary, business description (products and services), marketing plan, industry analysis (competitor analysis), build-out plan, internal analysis, operations plan, leadership structure or introduction of management, and financial projections — discussion of financial concern and projection of results. The opening page is the executive summary. It can be an intense abstract or a detailed but precise marketing tool to draw interest in the plan. The business plan is an informational document intended to factually showcase the company’s operations, goals and
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