The Six Virtues Of Virtue Ethics Case Study: Enron

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Guan Wang
Term Paper Outline
I.Case description-Enron
Before bankruptcy
Enron was one of the world 's major electricity, natural gas and pulp and paper company. It started with the pipelines and as the company grows up, it start to expand into many different business areas. The company used to have approximately 20,000 employees.
Enron’s greed Enron advertise itself as a profitable, prosperous company. However, using “mark-to-market accounting”,Enron records non-existent profits and makes a bad record. The CFO creates a network of shell companies to do business with Enron to hide its increasing debt. Enron 's executives encourage the company 's employees and the public to invest their money to buy Enron’s stock to increasing the
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They made the fraud accounting which makes those people lose their savings.
Community: The whole company lose community. They did not treat Enron company as the home, they just want to make their own profit from the company.
Responsibility:The managers of Enron did not take responsibility when Enron have problems and the executives ignore the warning of the financial problem. No one came out and stop the action. All they did is to hide the truth and continued to cheat to the customers.

A. Objection to Virtue ethics
The Enron company should choose to be honest to the customers and do not speculate their stock price to the public and investors.
The Enron should not make fraud accounting make their financial performance clearly and correctly.
The firm 's’ executives should control their ambition and do not make their own profits, they should take responsible to the whole company when it has
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As in the market, sometimes use the bluffing strategy is essential for company to develop. However, for the further development, the company must have its own virtue ethics.
V. Discussion
A.assess the strengths/weaknesses of the evaluation, objection, and response
Strengths: if Enron have virtue ethics, it may not go to bankruptcy. If the enron executives take community, responsibility, integrity and holism from the ethics, they may take actions and not make fraud accounting and do not cheat customers, the company will go further.
Weakness: In business market, the company sometimes need to take some “business ways” to make profits. If the company do not come up some ideas, they would not make money and win the competition.
B.specifically refer to the evaluation, objection, and response
Although Enron is go bankruptcy, as Enron developed to the top around the world. There are many problem around it, from innovation, from competition or from its ambitions. If Enron did not cheat customers for such a long time and have the courage to take responsibility, the company would go further. In my point of view, company may take some action of “bluffing” in the market, however they can not do anything out of the boundary and

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