Case Ethics In Action The Patco Strike

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Case Study 1: Ethics in Action the PATCO Strike Giovanni Tutiven West Georgia Tech Labor Management Relations – 41163 Instructor: Christy Russell 27/01/2018 The case of the PATCO strike revolves around air traffic controllers whom belong to an organization called (PATCO) which stands for Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization. They play a very important role since they control the traffic of planes that flow in and out which can be risky since the slightest error can make a plane crash which puts lives at risk. So, there is already much stress that comes with the position of being a traffic controller. In this case we have an ethical issue since the air traffickers of PATCO in 1970s want to go on strike. However, due the fact that they are employees for the U.S federal government at that time in the 1900s it is illegal for unions whom work for the federal government to go on strike. During the 70s PATCO still went on ahead to strike up against the (FAA) which stands for the Federal Aviation Administration which the PATCO strikers worked for. The PATCO workers went on strike over many things that would be fair to fight for as any other unions would being wages along with working conditions. Once the PATCO negotiators agreed on a contract that if it were to be approved by congress would give workers great pay raises, increased severance pay, an enhanced voice in operating, also a voice in safety in making policy. The contract was rejected and
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