Case Example 17A, What Does The Position Of The Burn Victim's Body Suggest?

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1. Identify and describe three types of “cybercrime”.
The computer as the target: eg a computer virus. This includes theft of intellectual property or personal data. It covers changing a criminal history; modifying information; and falsifying documents for identification purpose.
Theft of intellectual properties: refers to multiple district types of creations of the mind for which a set of an exclusive right is recognized and the corresponding fields of law.
Techno-vandalism: this refers to the intentional intrusion into a computer that results in damage to files or programs.
Cellular phone fraud: involves the use of a cell phone and electronically bills charges to other customers by obtaining cellular billing identification codes through the use of scanning devices.
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Using case example 17A, what does the position of the burn victim’s body suggest?
The position may be as a result of a live body reaction in which muscles contract from exposure to the fire. This position is called pugilist posture.
6. Compare “mechanical” and “chemical” explosions.
Mechanical explosions are explosions caused when a vessel or container bursts as the result of internal pressure from expanding gasses while chemical explosions are caused by high-pressure gasses produced by chemical reactions involving liquid, gas or solid fuels.
7. Define “narcotics”.
Narcotic can be defined as a general classification of drugs primarily used as painkillers or anesthetics.
8. A neighboring agency wants an undercover officer for a “reverse-buy”. What role is the investigator expected to assume?
The undercover officer is expected to play the role a drugs salesperson.
9. Using case example 18B, why are many of the found items testing negative for
It may be because they are still in fresh vegetative condition.
10. What is the primary objective of cross-examination?
The major purpose of cross-examination is to gain favorable facts from the witness or to impeach the witness’s

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