The Case For Christ Analysis

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In theology class this year, I watched the movie The Case For Christ. The movie is set in the 70s and about a husband, who is a journalist, and wife who are atheists. Something significant happens to change how the wife, Leslie, thinks, and she questions her beliefs before converting to Christianity. Lee, her journalist husband, feels like his wife is lost, so he searches for a way to prove to her that God does not exist. Throughout his research, Lee struggles to accept the evidence piling up before him and refuses to believe God exists and loves him. In the end, the movie is about his journey from skepticism to faith. The movie is well done and credible while showing how both Leslie and her husband feels, and it is an overall good movie. I feel the movie was well done, and I like the way the scenes were portrayed. Unlike many religious movies, The Case For Christ wasn’t tacky and garish in showing Lee’s transition. His internal struggle throughout the movies, caused by his belief in hard facts, was portrayed from a more realistic light than most religious movies. In other movies, it would’ve seemed less real, but I liked the way he was working on another case at the same time. I think the other case about the so-called “cop shooter” helped add weight to the movie; it even…show more content…
I feel the movie was portrayed well, and I like some of the people the Lee cited. The movie was also able to show Lee and Leslie’s struggle in a credible way, and it managed to show how both sides felt too. I could feel and see why Leslie changed and that she truly wanted to share her discovery with her husband. It was also an overall good movie, which I would definitely recommend; I for sure wouldn’t mind watching it again. On a final note, the movie precisely shows the transition from skepticism to faith of an everyday man and his
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