Case Interview Detainee Hargrow

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Prior to the interview, I was informed by Supt.Walsh that detainee Hargrow had just received another disciplinary infraction. I interviewed detainee Hargrow on wing 1A privately. I questioned Hargrow if he was on any medication and he said “Haldol and Klonopin, but did not know his diagnosis’s. I asked detainee Hargrow why he was in protective custody and why did he want to be housed on 1C. Detainee Hargrow could not articulate to me why he needed protective custody. He stated that while housed in Div.1 a year or two ago, he was jumped on by other detainee, this story seems deceptive because there are no incidents written to verify his claim. His other claim to pc is that he’s not in a gang, and wherever he goes the gang members steal his food.…show more content…
He believes that Hargrow is on the DOWNLOW because when they were in div.9 together he’s heard rumor of him watching people in the sleep. Allison did admit that while both of them were housed in div.9 they did get into a fight. The fight was over Hargrow seeing a picture of Allison daughters ages 7 and 9 at the time, and told Allison that his daughters looked like two girls he used to fuck. Nothing further on Murry. I wanted to verify the story of Hargrow being a theft, so I extended my investigation to 1C. I remember that the last detainee that was transferred to 1C was John Rix. Rix reported that he was taking a shower and had his commissary just outside the door. Rix was told by another detainee that he saw Hargrow steal some noodles out his bag. I asked Rix if he had anything further to report he said that Hargrow should never be housed with transgender detainee. Rix just briefly stated that when Hargrow was housed in div.9 he was always on something with the transgender population. Director please advise if you would like for me to place on a KS on Allison and

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