Case Report: The West Memphis Three Murders

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The West Memphis three murders are known all over the world. Three little boys brutally murdered, three high school boys wrongly accused, and sentenced to life behind bars, or death row. That’s all people know, they’re oblivious to the facts that show they weren’t the killers for the young boys. The accused boys were; Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jessie Misskelley. At the time they were teenagers, but they were judged by the way they dressed in black, who they hung out with, and the music they listened to. They called the boys “goth” and took advantage of that to blame someone. The seventeen boy, Jessie, was proved to be mentally special. But the officials still took Jessie’s confession, and that’s all they had against him. How was he…show more content…
Experts say that the DNA leads terry to the crime scene and the neighbors say that they say him with the children that night they went missing. He claims that the hair strand could be his due to the children always playing at his house. Other evidence, bite marks, on Steve’s face was ruled to be an adult bite mark. That excludes Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley as the offender. Dr. Thomas David, also pointed out some unusual anatomy in the teeth structure that caused the wound. After the murders, Terry’s dentures “went missing”, he says he must have left them at a restaurant and someone stole them. Soon after they said they would help find them, he surprisingly found them in his home. With the dentures lined up with the evidence, there is a perfect line up, besides one tooth. That one tooth wasn’t on the dentures, it must have been a natural tooth. The part where the dentures were wasn’t as deep as where the natural tooth would go. If you turn the photo around (upside down), it looks more human than not. It is entirely possible that the perpetrator was standing behind Stevie, looking down on his face and bit him. That’s always been my gut feeling. Bites to children carried out by an adult shows a need to control, to own or possess the child. The film makers highlighted some of Terry’s abuse. He has admitted to assaulting his wife, and he has been accused of beating his kids. A

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