Case Review: Mcdonald's Just In Time System

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Mc Donald’s is one of the famous franchise fast food in the world. Mc Donald’s Fast Food Restaurant has applied Just in time system in business operation. Just in time system has helped Mc Donald’s restaurant to reduce the costs of inventory and also reduce wastages.

Before used JIT method, Mc Donald’s Fast Food Restaurant, using the traditional strategy which is pre cook all the burgers and place them under the lamps to keep them hot. Now, in advance technology, it is changed from traditionally method to modern strategy which is Just in Time approach. For this, broad staff had to be hired to quickly produce the burgers and training had to be given. Mc Donald’s can produce burger within 90 seconds when applied Just in Time systems in business
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McDonald’s products are stocked pre cooked. This product is to customer and makes an order by customer the product is finished .The product can made when customers order. This called the product ‘Made for you’ .This is new technology and challenge to McDonald’s.High flexibility is key to McDonald’s success(example: a hamburger with no pickles).Besides that, a high volume of production McDonald’s because of the billions of customers that McDonald’s serves on a daily basis.McDonald’s classification by type of Customer Order.When customer need,the product can be made follow taste,size,quantity of item because in a MTO process .The MTO process's cycle is of production and order fulfillment begins with the customer order and after receiving the order with customer satisfaction with the food.The customer satisfaction is very important to McDonald’s.Besides that,the design must be completed. The most important part of this process in McDonald’s is the length of time it takes to fully deliver the product after the order has been made by customer, this is called the Lead Time. Lead time made the customer not satisfy with the service .This is can causes the customer do not want to coming again.McDonald’s is big restaurant that have billion customer and employee.So,the speed in their production is needed to fulfill their customer needed.This bigger…show more content…
They become main choice for customer because their service that they used in entertain customer actually attract the customer to buy their product. They also able maintain their quality in making a burger although they use high technology in process a burger. Furthermore, it help their productivity more effectively and this is because they use a concept just in time in their management. Just in time actually has help a lot McDonald to sustainable in fast food industry. It encourage McDonald to increase their achieving to gain profitable in making fast food. Just in time has become new innovation in McDonald to maintain their brand in
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