Case Studies And Laboratory Observation From The Hook Readers

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The Case studies and laboratory observations from the hook readers are examples of research methods or procedures for psychological analysis. When researchers use these methods they are analyzing different experiences, mental behaviors, physical behaviors, perceptions and/or memory (which are the basis) to look for links in order to describe or explain human behavior of a person or group of people. Case studies are necessary to tracking and/or understanding a process of change which is helpful because these findings lead to other studies in psychology. For instance, “Transmission of aggression through imitation of aggressive models” was one that stood out to me because, its purpose was to expose children to adult models who behaved either aggressive or non-aggressively, but focuses if aggression is learned through observations. As a future teacher, understanding how a child’s background may influence their capability of learning and how they interact in society was important to me and lead my critical thinking of how to teach and interact with children in a new perspective. Many of the conclusions made by the authors were not really related to actual happenings at the time rather actual happenings played a role in the researchers wanting…show more content…
Also, laboratory experiments are the custom method of choice in psychological science. Another thing, the researcher has the ability to control many conditions which can ultimately effect the experiment and its findings. There were several limitations when using a laboratory because researchers cannot include or set an ordinary daily environment of the subjects. Having an experiment in a laboratory makes for a somewhat lopsided result because its “what if” and “what can” evermore so if a lottery did not take
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