Case Studies On Child Labor

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Child labor is a very well-known topic from all around the world. It is very interesting to note how much of an impact and definition child labor has in the world. Some view child labor as being just a social construct, while others view it as being the worst thing a person can do to a child. When it comes to child labor and the workplace, it is important for society to have knowledge and acknowledge all the things that are happening in society with child labor. In this paper I want to talk about Walmart and child labor and the claims that Walmart has discriminated against female employees. Understanding the different situations that Walmart has gone through will show that some companies are not as ethical as we think. Walmart Case Study Introduction As the world becomes less connected and less aware on how child labor may affect a children 's life, one must learn to become more knowledgeable, communicate or even try to make a change. For example, child labor may be affecting the children 's interaction at school with their peers and affect the environment where they are in. (Torres, French et al.,2012) found that, in Bangladesh, children from ages 10 to 14 years old were being used for child labor. Frequently, society encounters situations just like this. Walmart allegedly did not know what was happening but it is not so much of the company 's fault but those people who allow that to happen. It is therefore with great importance that society shift
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