Mexico Earthquake Case Study

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Case study 1 earthquake:(LEDC)
On September 19th 1985 Mexico city was struck with a deadly earthquake. This earthquake measured at a magnitude of 8.0 and killed about 25 thousand people 9.5 thousand official and the rest weren 't found, 30 thousand injured and many more left home less, about 3 thousand buildings where demolished and 100 thousand badly damaged.
This event costed the Mexican government 3-4 billion dollars to repair and support their city and the government didn 't accept any help from foreign countries, the next day September 20 Mexico city was struck by an after shock and then the Mexican government announced that they would accept any food, heath care ….
Nancy Reagan toured Mexico City with U.S. Ambassador of Mexico, John
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Around 3 million people got effected by this earthquake 316 thousand people died and and the rest injured, and this also made around 1 million people homeless. Trying to find a place to sleep and have shelter in a small town which has just been struck by and earthquake is almost impossible especially when 300 thousand residential estate where destroyed or damaged including government buildings as well as 50-70 hospitals and 1,300 schools. Getting supplies wasn 't that easy because the transportation and communication links where almost all destroyed and the airport control tower was badly damaged and not in working condition. Many countries immediately appeals for humanitarian aid, sending funds and medical teams, engineers and support…show more content…
308 people died making it the deadliest earthquake to hit Italy since Irpinia 1980 but many people where injured, the death rate relates to the fact that the buildings where built so poorly, according to fire and other rescue teams some parts of the build where build so badly that when it fell down it broke or spread like as if it was sand. The earthquake hit at about 6.3 moment magnitude and caused damage worth 15 billion euros. It left thousands of people homeless and with out basic necessities like water and food, camps where immediately set with all the supplies needed like med care food water

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