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Case 10
The Experience of Seena Seena is a fifteen years old adolescent studying in grade 9. Her family consists of her father, mother and an elder sister. Her mother has been a Schizophrenic for four years. Seena’s mother hails from a different part of India and found it really very difficult to get adjusted to the culture of Kerala. She was working as a maid-servant in a neighboring family and became a severe mental patient due to the cruel and inhuman treatment of the family members where she was working. Seena’s father is a farmer and her elder sister is a Nursing student staying in a nursing hostel and come home only during holidays. Seena has been always with parents, the father being a marginal farmer was not able to provide everything
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My mother was struggling hard to support him by working as a maid servant in a neighboring rich family. Because of the financial constraints, my parents always quarrel among themselves. But mother loves me the most. Mother doesn’t like my elder sister. When she comes for holidays, mother doesn’t even call her during meal time though she never fails to call me. I feel very sorry for my poor sister”.
Seena is trying to accept her condition in the family.
Seena says that there are some people from outside who are trying to hurt her sick mother. This fear always disturbs Seena and her elder sister. She narrates,
“One day the driver of the family where my mom was working and who were instrumental in making my mom sick came to our house, he gave some soft drinks to my mom mixed with drugs. He tried to give this to me and my sister too, but we did not take it. The condition of my mom was very bad that day. We all got very much terrified. By the grace of God nothing unwanted happened, we escaped from the danger, but the fear still continues and we are scared by the thought that such incidents can happen again. We did not tell this to our father to avoid more problems”.
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