Case 2: Student Gets A Better Job Offer

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1. This case is an ethical dilemma. In this situation, Pegasus's CEO Tom Oswald does not know if implementing local contractors to payoff the Chinese districts or cities for licenses is illegal. It is clearly illegal to be involved with payoffs and bribes, however he does not know if someone else does the business on the company's behalf, it is still illegal for the company.
However, this can be confused as a gray area because international business can sometimes lead to moral confusion due to different countries' ethics and law. Oswald has an uncomfortable feeling about the situation, which should be a red flag for him to realize this is most likely an ethical dilemma.
2. Facts that are related to this case include, companies are currently implementing contractors to represent their companies in the
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This outcome resolves the ethical dilemma because there will be no need for the CEO to lie or for the company to be indirectly involved with any payoffs.

Case 2: Student Gets a Better Job Offer
1. This is an ethical dilemma. This is an ethical dilemma because he had already accepted an offer and made a commitment to the company. If he were to leave and take the other offer, it would make Career Services also look bad because it makes them look like the people they recommend are unreliable.
2. The facts in this case are that the student has already accepted an offer with Company A. The student clearly wants to give himself the best opportunity for future development. Company A did only give him 24 hours to decide. He will progress more with Company B.
3. The student's options are to stay with his first decision of keeping the job with Company A. His second option is to go and speak with Career Services because perhaps such as Rutgers has the policy that the company needs to give the student two weeks to make a decision, his school may have this same policy. The student could also just fully leave Company A and take the offer from Company
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