Case Study 7: The Socioeconomics Of Performance Appraisal

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1. Based on your view of the objectives of performance evaluation, evaluate the perspectives about performances appraisal presented by the managers.

Based on my view of the objectives of performance evaluation, the performance appraisal presented by managers is inexact. The long lasting anger of one worker while face to face with them until the evaluation of their work is nonsense because it will affect their evaluation and motivation to works. Easy get angry at one of get-together workers and still felt the anger when was filling out the appraisal forms. The negative appraisals will affect the career and records of the worker. According Nathalie Abi Saleh Dargham states that Performance
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He using fine tuning and boost the rating to motivate him/her to keep trying until him get there. Sometimes Jim must remind his workers that who actually that evaluate them.
Meanwhile, Lynn is supervisor in inventory management. Lynn has way distinctive in manages their organizations. The way, which is, she inflated ratings to encourage someone who is having personal problem but it normally good employee. The lowering someone true rating if they had a long record of rather questionable performance, the alternative is low appraisal send him a message to considered quitting and start looking for another job. The conclusion is performance evaluations has several major purposes, a few include providing a basis for rewards and to evaluate previous training programs. I believe the managers presented the flaws in the evaluation system. One of the flaws that were pointed out in the case was the fact that emotions can creep into the evaluation process. If a manager has just chastised one of his or her employees that anger could cause a good employee to receive a bad mark. However every way has advantages and disadvantages, every assessment has impact of on the organization. This depends for individual itself and the appraisal management way used as long as it does not affect name of company. However way used is good if this not bring down the company. By Jonathan A.Segal said performance appraisals that are consistently
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When the employee stressed will raise effect to the work. Pressure work that serious can make the individual do the job well due to competition with colleague and with the chief however pressure work that serious also can be inimical like lose focus work, individual can get involved with accident, biased to drug phenomenon and alcohol, and also dissociation in household due to high pressure at the workplace. Based on M.m Zafir and M.H .Fazilah, states that stress at the workplace happened when job requirement not matches to ability, source, and employee needs. It can give effect on psychology and human physiology. Individual that feel pressured with work carried out will show depression that is prolonged. When feels pressured, psychology will be disrupted and employee failed to decide well. This situation can affect their work performance and shake productivity

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