Case Study: 7 Things To Do In Taiwan

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TITLE 7 Things to Do in Hualien County, The Gem Of Taiwan's East Coast LEAD PARAGRAPH The metropolis of Taipei is arguably Taiwan's most famous city, known around the world as a popular travel destination in Asia. But there's more to the beautiful island nation of Taiwan than just its capital city. Hualien County lies on the east coast of Taiwan and is a mere 2 hours away from Taipei by train. It is the largest county by area in the country and it is famous for some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in Taiwan. Ask any traveller who has been to Taiwan and Hualien will almost certainly be listed as a highly-recommended place to visit. And since Taiwan is becoming a popular trend in the world of travel lately, here's a list of…show more content…
Goose, THE place in Hualien for delicious goose meat (cold-cuts, not roasted). Bon appétit! 5. MORE food @ Dongdamen Night Market Continuing along the trail of Zhongshan Road, you will find a huge night market at eastern end of the busy road. Known as Dongdamen Night Market, this newly established area houses an extensive variety of shops and stalls, some of which are famous stalls that have relocated there from other night markets. Needless to say, food is the number one attraction here with many stalls selling Taiwan's most famous street food such as crispy fried chicken chops, grilled meat, fried ice cream and much more! You can also find several carnival-type game stalls creating a fun atmosphere. One stall that you will not forgive yourself for missing is the grilled meat stall called Di-Yi-Jia-Kao-Rou-Chuan, one of the most popular grilled meat stalls around. You'll know it by its red neon sign and more tellingly by the fact that it's the only night market stall which operates using a numbered coupon system. 6. Catch a local performance at Dongdamen Night

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