Case Study 8-2: The Outsourced Work

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Rachael Martinelli Case Study 8-2: The Outsourced Work 1. Is BE bound by the terms of the project labor agreement, which it did not directly sign, including the duty to submit this labor dispute to final and binding arbitration for resolution? I believe that Bolton Engineering (BE) should not always be bound to the terms of the project labor agreement, that they did not directly sign. Bolton Engineering should only be bound to these conditions if they are working onsite. They did not directly sign the with the labor union so they should only have to follow the labor union when they are working on the premises of Rocket Motor Corporation. Also, there may be no written agreement between Bolton Engineering and Rocket Motor Corporation that states that they must follow the project labor agreement. There was only a pledge to do so, and possibly the person to pledged didn 't have the power to do that…show more content…
2. Was the project labor agreement meant to apply only to work preformed on the job site as BE contends, or could the terms of the project labor agreement also be applied off-site work as the union contends? The project labor agreement was not written out anywhere through out the case study, so it hard to confirm where the work was meant to be done. However I believe that the project labor agreement was meant to apply to only work preformed on onsite because I believe that the only place they wanted work to take place. 3. Is it legitimate for a labor organization to negotiate a work preservation clause that seeks to encourage contractors to perform work on the job site using union labor by imposing an economic incentive not to outsource the work elsewhere to lower paid

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