Case Study 80 Year Old Trauma

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Case Study of 80-Year-Old Facing Grief and Trauma
In this paper, the author reflects on the therapeutic responsibility of counseling the client in the study. The effect of a natural disaster or traumatic event goes far beyond physical damage. The emotional toll can have a broad range of intensity, confusion, and overwhelming emotions. The case study is of an 80-year-old female whose survived an earthquake but loses her home, many of her worldly possessions and a widowed that is living on a limited income (Miller, 2011).
Developing a Trusting Relationship
Worden (2008) has proposed four headings under which complicated grief reactions can be categorized. The first process, chronic grief, in which the typical grief reactions continue for an excessive period of time without coming to a proper conclusion, The second heading of grief, delayed occurs some period of time after trauma or death. Heading three exaggerated grief, in
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The focus will be on grief and self-reflection, meaning of life and loss, re-figuring the life world, finally, leading the client into discussions of memories of hurt, anger, and disappointment (Langdrige, 2012). Since I lack the knowledge of older adults, I need to research the population to understand what my client may be experiencing. Common themes find women at my client’s age that have survived a traumatic event face, stereotyping, lack of family or friends support, societal abuse and oppression, lack of accommodation, abuse, and the environment where they were placed, and community stress (Couch & Coles, 2011). This Information will help me plan a substantial treatment for any older adult entering my
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