Case Study: A Letter To The Rocky Mountains

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Fifteen million dollars of $0.03 acres that 's the best buy of the millennium Jefferson would be a fool to decline this offer from France to The Rocky Mountains don 't be a fool and take the deal before its expiration date comes into play. This deal for the Louisiana territory consists of 524,800,000 acres of land for a mere $15,000,000. if this deal is refused you 'll be giving up 524.8 million acres imagine how much can be found in that land gold, farmland, silver, this land contains untold riches. This land costs 15 million dollars for 828,0002 miles what fool would decline this how this will nearly double the size of our country now what do we have to lose. Either way would you rather buy a city for 10 million dollars or 524.8 million acres and the city for 15 million dollars, would you decline a deal of that value? If Jefferson were to purchase the Louisiana territory, like he should, we 'll take control of the massive Mississippi River. This river we have been using since it was discover this river is essential for trade our country needs foreign resources and money from trades. Let alone this river helps with our economics such as cheaper, less dangerous travel trading, and fishing this river will help our economic system…show more content…
One final topic of this letter to you is the Port City. Now we were going to buy it anyways for 10 million dollars which really isn 't that much less than the price now for the entire Louisiana Territory which costs 15 million. This city makes trading a lot easier than what it is now it makes us open, gives us a place to dock the foreign traders and their goods, let alone our goods and our traders. Jefferson was also planning to expand the land around it as well so we can gain more land than just the 524.8 million acres for just the mere 15 million dollars in which you were just going to spend 10 million of it on this city which is still included in this deal it didn 't change what was in it already it just
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