Mr. Greenstone Case Study: Sales-AMCO Company

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1. What do you think leads Mr. Greenstone to believe that the current structure needs improvement? What other changes might be made?
Mr. Green stone thought of change in organization structure is mainly due to following reasons
1) To meet the customer changing requirements- as the customer needs are changing there is necessity to study about never ending needs and direct the work force to achieve goals. This is evident in this case, as per the survey about 50 percent customers are manufacturing their own containers and 10 percent succeed in preparing their 40 percent required containers. If these customer needs are studied by new restructured team then AMCO can change the production line.
2) To increase the sales- AMCO Company was founded and
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I think these 2 managers along with their subordinate sales representatives can’t reach the customer expectations.
4) To improve customer satisfaction- as per the survey conducted to identify the factors used by customers to select their suppliers, I think AMCO has a good reputation, product quality and service but to improve service time and reduce the price there is a need of change in organization structure. This is evident in survey, large customers who rely on bidding process to purchase expect quick delivery.
5) To improve customer purchase options- I think the current existing purchase options are limited to bidding or purchase by negotiation. These process hinders to attract new customers so to improve the reachability to customers there is a need to change in organization structure.
6) To meet the diversified customer needs- each sales representative serves wide variety of customers ranging from food packing industry to beverage industry which demands great knowledge and cause stress, by which they can’t attend the each customer needs in
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6) Display the preset organization goals - by displaying organization goals like estimated hike in sales, targeted customer to serve, changed customer needs, avoid the resources wastage etc. publicly in work place helps the employees strive hard for success.
From my experience a good supportive work environment encourages every employee to work out of range, ready to take calculated risks which helps to improve customer service and company reputation. In my real life experience while working as an assistant doctor, with the help of my hospital management support I practice to spend some extra time with patients to counsel them about the illness, available treatment options, prescribed medication, importance of timely usage of medication, expected outcomes, follow-up schedule etc. which ultimately leads to improve patient satisfaction.

3. What should be the basis for the sales force

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