Case Study: Advanced Practice Nurses

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1) As APN’s what can we do to support those experiencing family violence or threatening behavior? What resources are available in your community? As Advanced Practice Nurses we can support those experiencing family violence or threatening behavior by first screening patients for domestic violence so that they are properly identified, participating in preventative efforts, advocating for victims, and providing treatment measures to those effected. According Flaugher (2013) all adult patients should be routinely screened for domestic violence. It is also suggested that patients who are sexually active should be questioned directly about abuse and earlier if abuse is suspected. APNs should ask questions in person in the most nonjudgmental tone. It’s recommended it be done yearly and be properly documented. APNs must be sure to document detailed information since statements are crucial in the case that it is subpoenaed including measurement of injuries, photographs of injuries. APNs can also participate in preventative efforts like educating the public on domestic violence, counseling victims, and addressing suspicions. APNs are also having the opportunity to support domestic violence laws by advocating for…show more content…
Individual factors include low self-esteem, low income, depression, and emotional dependence and insecurity. Relational factors include unhealthy family relationships and interactions, marital instability, and economic stress. Community factors include poverty, low social capital and weak community sanctions against domestic violence. Lastly, societal factors include traditional gender norms like women should be at home and not entering the workforce. Although not causes of domestic violence, these factors play a part in individuals and families being susceptible to
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