Case Study Analysis: Case Analysis Of Hewlett Packard Or HP

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This case study is dealing with the Hewlett Packard or HP, the most renowned manufacturer of computers. In early era of 1990s, the organisation faced Inventory/Service Crises related to their high volume products that include Desk Jet printer. In spite of the growth of inventory levels at its distribution centers including Asia and Europe, the consumer service levels were found to be unsatisfactory. Due to the growing competition, this issue has to be handled by the management of the organisation (Brandimarte & Zotteri, 2007). Brent Cartier, the manager for Special Projects in the Materials Department of the organization’s Vancouver Division tried to seek potential solutions of issues regarding inventory of DeskJet printers at Europe. In order to resolve these issues, he had short time due to the requirement of preparations for meeting with Group Management on global inventory levels for the product under consideration. The opinions and reactions of different divisions of the organisation regarding the implementation of DC localization are analysed. The solution of issues is found to be reconfiguration of relevant strategies related to the management of supply chain (Brandimarte & Zotteri, 2007). Characteristics of HP DeskJet Industry Characteristics: The product is found to be competitive with the potential of fast growth. It is exploding in Europe leading to certain changes in distribution channels in industry. There are rapid technological advancements. Product

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