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Case-study Analysis of Indian Tobacco Ban The Indian government planned to vote on a bill in 2001 to implement a ban on the advertisement of tobacco products and tobacco companies sponsoring of sports/cultural events in an effort to reduce tobacco use by Indian youth. The bill created controversy, especially over possible ethical issues and the feasibility of the ban's effectiveness. Among the ethical issues include that tobacco products are responsible for negatively impacting the health of Indian citizens, especially Indian youth. Controversy also exists over the possible conflict of interest between tobacco companies and the Indian government since the government collects revenue from taxes on tobacco products. This essay seeks to summarize…show more content…
They argue that advertising should not be infringed since the product is legal to sell and use. Opponents say a ban on tobacco would not be fair since foreign advertisements would still exist, such as those found in imported magazines and on popular Formula I race cars seen on television. Tobacco companies insist they do not target advertisements to youth, and that advertisements are not relevant to non-consumers. They point to surveys that show tobacco use does not originate from advertisements, but rather from curiosity or from the desire to imitate peers who smoke. The tobacco companies reference studies that show their advertising does not correlate to product consumption nor does a ban on their advertisements reduce consumption. Those opposed to the ban on tobacco advertisements say the ban would not be effective since most consumers use tobacco products from the non-organized sector, which does not produce advertisements. They contend that a ban would effect over 26 million jobs related to tobacco production and hurt the state exchequer. The opponents reason that India does not spend very much on healthcare to begin with, so any illness that may be created by tobacco use would not be a burden. They continue by reasoning that is people did become ill from tobacco consumption, then their premature death would relieve the old-age pension burden from the

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