Case Study Analysis: Sancloth (Private Limited

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Copyright Reserved No. of Pages - 13 TOP CA CASE STUDY EXAMINATION MARCH 2015 ADVANCE INFORMATION MARCH 2015 (2) CASE STUDY – ADVANCE INFORMATION Sancloth (Private) Limited Niwtan Gajanayake is one of the best known corporate leaders in Sri Lanka and his wife Silvia Gajanayake worked as a teacher attached to a reputed school in Colombo. Their two sons, Ashen and Rushan, are respected professionals in the Sri Lankan corporate sector. Niwtan and Silvia also have a lovely daughter named Sandra who was born on 22 February 1971 in Rathmalana. She was an outstanding character in her young age in school and she represented her school in athletics and swimming and the country in high jump and hurdles. Little did the striking young girl know that her tall, lean frame would soon catapult her from the starting blocks onto the catwalk, leading her into the glamour world of modelling. Sandra graduated from a reputed university in Canada specialising in garment designing and creative clothing. Coming from such an educational background and dynamic family, Sandra’s life took an unexpected turn when she entered the garment retailing industry in 1996. A chance request by an apparel manufacturer to help him dispose of an assortment of export surplus garments led to the start of her retailing career. Sandra started selling the export surplus garments to her family and friends from the boot of her trusty blue station wagon. Her mother was enthusiastic about her entrepreneurship skill in taking

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