Case Study And Analysis Of The Success Of Pepsico

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1. Introduction: PepsiCo produces, sells and distributes a 19 variety product lines of enjoyable and convenient of foods and beverages. It was founded since 1898 by Donald Kendall and Herman Lay in North Carolina of U.S, and expanded to the world market. There are over 200 countries containing its’ products on the market, including America, Europe, Africa and Asia (PepsiCo, 2015). With an outstanding leadership system, PepsiCo managed to achieve many awards and recognition such as, World second largest Food and Beverage Company, top Admired Company among Fortune’s World, 33rd in Borron’s World best respected companies list, 22nd in Best Global Brands, 17th on Diversity Business in America, and especially PepsiCo is also in the list of best Working Environment for Women in different cultures (Force, 2015). Pepsi 's success is thankfully to its visionary leadership, business strategy, unique management and has introduced to the market and many innovative products and services. However, the success of Pepsi 's unique experience is the most important thing is that it gives cultural enterprises and products.The purpose of this report is to analysis influences to PepsiCo’s leadership. 2. PepsiCo Leadership: Leadership is a very popular term that people are using daily life. However, everyone usually just has a general idea of its meaning, which is ways that mangers are using to lead his subordinates. Good leadership can help organization or team to perform their task

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