Case Study: Applying Lealan's Social Transition To Adulthood

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In this paper I am going to discuss Lealan’s way of thinking by answering the question, is LeAlan’s way of thinking the same as an individual his age? I will explain about his abstract concept thinking, how he could think in multiple dimensions, his risk taking experiences, and his social cognition. In addition, I will analyze LeAlan’s social transition to adulthood based on employment aspirations, neighborhood conditions, timing of marriage and parenting and cultural influence. In this second part of LeAlan’s case study, Jones et al. (1997) state that LeAlan is 15 years old because it is when he decided to let the world know about his neighborhood; however, the question is, does LeAlan thinks in ways that are appropriate for his age? Lealan is not a typical 15 year old boy because of…show more content…
In regards of employment, I believe that LeAlan might assume the responsibility of a worker to help his mother and his grandparents. Steinberg (2016) states that emerging adulthood takes place between the ages of 18 to 25, during this time individuals tend to take some responsibilities. Some of those responsibilities are finding stable jobs and finding living arrangements. These findings make sense in LeAlan situation because by the time he is 19 years old, he will be done with high school and he would have the opportunity to work so he could find a better place for his family. Jones et al., (1997) state that LeAlan is a hard worker even at the age of 15. They state that while LeAlan and his friend were trying to find more information about Eric’s case, they “spent a lot of time trying to find ten-year-old Johnny’s family” (p.143). This scenario shows that if LeAlan is dedicated at his duties at the age of 15, he will have a job by the time he is 19 years of
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