Case Study: Aspiring To Dental School

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Aspiring to dental practice ownership and the reality of the situation is very different. Dental school does not teach marketing, IT management or a hundred other tasks required to operate a successful practice, but across the nation, dentists struggle with these jobs because they are afraid to take on a business partner and give up their control over the high quality standards they wish to maintain for their patients. Generally, they are too busy to investigate dentist support organizations, or to realize that they can still maintain complete clinical control when partnering with one. With MB2 Dental Solutions, dentists maintain full control over their practice and the care that they provide, while MB2 Dental handles marketing, staffing, IT and more, which leaves dentists free to focus on patient care. In addition, dentists are now free to have a life besides spending all their time at the office, trying to find a new receptionist or keeping up with the latest state regulations. Dentists who can relax at home, instead of worrying about the business side of their practice, tend to enjoy their career, instead of feeling burnt-out.…show more content…
Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD, MB2 Dental Solutions always puts patient care first, not profits. The company has experienced rapid growth since 2009 as dentists find that they prefer having MB2 Dental handle the necessary tasks, such as business development, which the dentists previously outsourced to firms that didn 't specialize in marketing dentists and dental practices. MB2 Dental 's buying power helps dentists procure everything from dental chairs to gloves at the best price from MB2 Dental 's dental supply partners as
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