Business Case Study: Bar-B-Rations

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Bar-B-Rations is a food manufacturer which was recently sold to an Australian firm. This manufacturer employs around one hundred staff. The new owner (Brendt Foods) has appointed a new General Manager (Pat) to run the business of Bar-B-Rations (see Case Study – 1 from course material).
On his first day of duty, Pat had a conversation with a staff member and during this discussion, Pat felt that he will face a change resistance from many staff members due to that the previous GM had a great success in managing a family owned business.
Further to previous GM management approach success, the current operational system implemented in this company is a family oriented structure with certain reward arrangement which is not the common practice in
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The choice was made for the company to become powerful, exposure to a variety of other places to sell the product, reduce competition and expand the company into different markets/industries. In the world today it is sometimes a challenge to stay sustainable (Moscardo, et al. 2013).
There has to be different approaches and challenges that arise that will alter require the change of mind set. In this situation, it appears to be that the family have taken the initiative to take matters into their own hand and present the company in a different light to grow because they felt it wasn’t going to have the growth that they would’ve liked to see.
Berndt Foods have used a political economy approach when transitioning Bar-B-Rations. Taking into consideration the political approach that this would be a shake up to a medium sized firm, Berndt Foods is allowing for one year for the transition to take place for the current employees and managers to get used to the change and understand what will happen to the internal and external environment. On the other hand, Berndt Foods, are subtly enforcing their power with Bar-B-Rations following their company’s rules and management

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