Case Study Black And Decker

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Black and Decker is a manufacturing company which produces power tools and accessories, household products, security hardware and outdoor products. B&D has a good ranking both in Europe and US, which is 19 and 7 respectively. The company has a really strong market position with their products in the “consumer” and “industrial” segment, contrarily to their inefficiency in the fastest growing segment, “tradesmen”, which their rivals are really strong at. Accordingly, company wants to increase their market share on this segment and establish recognition of their brand on the tradesmen segment. In order to improve their situation in this segment they may ignore the market share of this segment just focus the profitability part of it, they may create a sub-brand or they may withdraw their actual brand name and create an alternative brand name for only this segment. The last option was the most attractive; they either drop the B&D name from this segment or create a new one, or they provide a brand name which is backed by B&D. Between these options the most implementable one is creating a brand name which is backed by B&D. RECOMMENDATIONS A) A statement of the quantitative and qualitative marketing objectives Black and Decker has a good position in the market and at quantitative market object their market share and revenues are high. Market share of the company is 45% in the $530 million Consumer Segment with revenues of 1990 reported. The second segment is

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