Case Study Bob's Meltdown

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Bob’s Meltdown

In today’s workplace communication is key, collaboration crucial and teamwork a top management buzzword. These facets encourage knowledge sharing, co‐operation and a joint sense of purpose. However, such an increase in interpersonal relationships too often creates an unwanted side effect: conflict.

In the case study, Bob’s Meltdown, Jay Nguyen, CEO Concord Machines, has to handle a case of psychological harassment resulting due to work related stress; the main accused being his best manager, Bob Dunn.
Jay needs to find a suitable solution as soon as he can to avoid being sued by Annette.
Jay’s dilemma is that on one hand he cannot let Bob go as he is his best manager and only his department is earning all the profits for the company and on the other hand Annette has made it clear that if Bob stays, she’ll leave.

The problem began when Annette Innella, a new employee, gets publicly humiliated when Bob yells her at in the Cafeteria. She feels exposed and violated by this occurrence and thus can hardly concentrate on her work.
On the other hand Bob, is suffering from stress. He is being pressurized at work and is also facing problems in his personal life.
With a lot of things already on his mind, when Annette contacted him regarding the formation of a Committee Knowledge Group, he lost his temper and on meeting Annette face-to-face he couldn 't control but burst out at her.

The key players
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