Case Study Borderline Personality Disorder

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I believe that it would be most appropriate to diagnose Miss Diagnosis with Borderline Personality Disorder, Moderate Bulimia. Borderline Personality disorder is characterized by a pervasive pattern of instability across multiple domains in life, including interpersonal relationship, self-image, and affect. People who have this disorder make decisions in the moment with no prior thought or planning. They are very impulsive. Additionally, the have a strong fear of abandonment, which often leads to desperate attempts to keep people close and irrational reason for ending relationships before the person can get abandoned. They have interpersonal paranoia and, often, parasuicidal behavior. Their reasoning and logic is often very flawed and it seems that they are very black and white with no understanding of the gray area. Additionally, their…show more content…
Her medical history shows obvious signs of parasuicidal activity. She has instable interpersonal relationships and affect. She is very impulsive and has an intense fear of abandonment. All of these features have caused great impairment in her daily…show more content…
Upon further reviewing the criteria for both disorders, I decided that Histrionic Personality Disorder is not congruent with the presentation of Miss Diagnosis’ symptoms. The main reason I ruled it out is the egosyntonic aspect of Histrionic Personality Disorder. Miss Diagnosis was not happy with the way her life was and did not love who she was. She desperately wanted to change. Her actions were less attention seeking than what is characteristic of Histrionic personalities. Her actions that could have been perceived as attention seeking were actually more likely motivated by the interpersonal instability she felt and her fear of
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