Case Study Bord Na Mona

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Case study: Bord na Mona’s
Shamsher singh
College of new caledonia

2. How does it relate to strategy?
Ans. These forces are related to the strategy by coasting the leadership of strategies in which they are gaining the competition. It distinguishes a good strategy from bad one and trade-offs different from rivals. However, its focus is on the content not on the process. His main idea is on where everybody wanted to be but not on where everyone is by their own decision.

Magretta, J. (2012). Understanding Michael Porter: the essential guide to competition and strategy. Boston, MA: Harvard Business Review

Case study: Bord na Mona’s
Que1: How does Bord na Mona’s search for new uses for the peat reflect its ethical stance?
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This cut off in workforce helps it in reducing its costs. On the other hand, if we see from workers point off view the firm has not played its role ethically because lay off workers from the firm will pose difficulty for the workers to earn their livelihood. Even firm has search for new uses of peat but it does not behave ethically towards its workers. To cut down its costs and increase in revenues can be obtained by proper placement of workers. So, Bord na Mona should consider that with the new uses of peat for earning revenues, lay off its workers can be done by behaving ethically for environment and its…show more content…
Que5: How might a firm benefit from global outsourcing?
Ans: The firm might be benefit from global outsourcing by planning properly while staying in the decorum. Everything should be properly organized so that afterward there would be no difficulty regarding the organization. Decision should be quick and accurate because all the company has move according to the decision taken by the higher authority. While keeping these tips in mind firm can be benefited from global outsourcing.
Que6: At the first glance, it might seem as through the goals of economic growth and stability are inconsistent with one another. How can this apparent inconsistency be reconciled? Provide examples to support your position?
Ans: This apparent can be reconciled by discussing and sharing their views with each other so that they can share their feeling with each other while doing this concept they will able to know about their problems and can get new tips from each other which may beneficial for the economic growth. For example, Tim Hortons are known from their work in countries like Canada and America but in India no one knows about Tim Hortons but in India café coffee day well known by each and every one so they both can share their tips and problem to enhance their business. It will also benefits those people who goes India from Canada because they like to have coffee of Tim Hortons and
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