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Journal Log # 7
Working as an intern over the past few weeks has been rewarding but also draining. Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr.Colaio at Bronxwood Prepatory Academy. Mr. Colaio observed a counseling session conducted by myself and a bright 10th grade student who has the potential to pass, but unfortunately she is failing. I will briefly discuss the background of the student I met with. This student also has an IEP, and is dealing with serious emotional disturbance. Socially she developed positive friendships with other students in the school. However, because she has a condition called enuresis; this is the medical term for wetting the bed, this leads to students teasing her, calling her names, and at times she may suffer from unpleasant smell. Often times she may have an accident in school, can make everyday life more difficult. Despite the issues she may be encountering, she has the drive to push forward and work hard to pass her classes. Our session was to discuss, dropping an elective class and replace it with gym. The goal was to find out how I can perhaps help pass her classes. After assessing her strengths, it seemed like
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Teachers are aware some students require more time and undivided attention; as a result they provide their time to students who really want to accomplish their goals. I signed her up, and advised her of the benefits of attending. She seemed pleased and happy to know the school counselors are available and pushing her to succeed.
Another interesting event that occurred is Mr. Colaio, knew the principal Ms. Gallardo of Bronxwood Preparatory Academy. He was the guidance counselor of her older son who attended Salesian High School. The phrase it’s a small world is very true, as a school counselor you will meet people, it is key to always treat each student fair, be kind and professional. You never know when, paths may meet

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