Case Study Cathay Pacific

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Selecting a business organization (MNC or local firm) as an example to study and analyze the case. Cathay Pacific Airways Limited is my choice to illustrate the evidences that meet the criteria stated below.
Purposes of different types of organization
Mainly, there are 2 types of organization – public sector and private sector.
Public sector refers to ownership by the government or its agencies with the right to possess, control, use and dispose of property. Profit-making is not the objective of public sector. Government departments and public corporations are 2 major forms of public sector. A government department is a branch of a government organization owned, managed and financed by the government. Its purpose is providing public
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To a large extent, Cathay Pacific can meet the objectives of the following stakeholders. From the point of view of customers, they perceive a good airline should perform well in safety, service quality and punctuality. Cathay Pacific was awarded “Top 10 Airline for 2015”. The safety rating and product rating are 7/7(Airline Ratings, 2015). It was also awarded the “world’s new leading airline in terms of its safety record” from JACDEC Airline Safety Ranking 2015. Besides, it was awarded as the “Best Customer Service of the Year” from HKIA Customer Service Excellence Program 2014 (Cathay Pacific, 2015). Cathay Pacific offers passengers checked baggage, in-flight entertainment, beverages, meals and comforts like blankets and pillows in the ticket price. The seats have more recline than a low cost carrier and more leg room generally. It has a long history and are flag carriers for Hong Kong (Airline Ratings, 2015). In sight of this, Cathay Pacific can fulfill customers’ expectation, and customers have gained confidence as it performs well in various…show more content…
Wal-Mart perceives that quality is crucial, so it chooses the suppliers carefully and maintain a good quality level of goods, without considering cost minimization.

The bargaining power of customers determines how much customers can impose pressure on margins and volumes. Branding and brand loyalty may be a potent source of competitive advantage. For example, in Sichuan, because of the habit of Sichuan people, spicy food is available at Wal-Mart. According to the Fortune Global 500 list in 2014, Walmart is the world 's largest company by revenue. This indicates that customers satisfy with this brand and are willing to purchase its products among various grocery retail stores.
For the threat of new entrants, an emerging Korean brand, Lotte Mart, is a threat of Wal-Mart. Lotte Mart is a division of the Lotte Co., Ltd., which sells food and shopping services in South Korea and Japan. Since the pop culture of South Korea goes viral around the world, Korean food becomes popular. Therefore, Wal-Mart merchandise the ingredients of making Kimchi, like Korean chili paste and napa cabbage, to retain
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