Case Study: Central California Medical Center For Surgeries

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When it comes to the topic of business, people think of the demand of profits. However, other people tend to believe it’s giving back to their community and society, by allowing a medical center called Central California Medical Center for Surgeries be in Hanford, California. Central California Medical Center for Surgeries give the opportunity to treat and care for individuals as they want to be treated on a daily basis. Furthermore, this facility helps patients and family members feel the love and passion when they’re ill and scared. During this essay, I’ll discuss the type of business, permits/business licenses, location, employees, insurance, money needed to start my successful business. At the end of this essay, I’ll explain the difference…show more content…
The location I have found is off of Highway 198 on 12th Ave. The address is 10715 12th Ave, Hanford CA 93230 (10715 12th Ave Hanford, CA 93230, n.d.). In my opinion, this is the best location for a medical center that will get the attention of people on Highway 198 going to a different location. However, people will not miss the building, shape, or colors of the building. Furthermore, the land is three million dollars; which is an empty lot or dirt land. This makes it easier to build a building, magnificent building, to ensure the audience and viewers of local towns and outsiders. The land is on a 14.93 acres, which is calculated to 650,350.80 square feet. I believe this is a acres or square feet to start a medical center. It’s not small as other medical centers. Explaining the location of the building, now it’s time to express the information on the hours the medical center will be open. At your local medical center, what are the times the medical center or hospital open? Acute care setting is usually open twenty-four-seven, which means the facility is open twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Well, Central California Medical Center for Surgeries will be open just like any other acute setting facility. Remember, emergencies happen at any time and anywhere on a daily basis. Throughout this paragraph, I have discussed the location of the medical facility and the hours that the facility will be open for Hanford and other communities around

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