Case Study: Changing The Dynamics Of Hospitality Industry And World Of Hyatt

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1 STRATEGY CASE STUDY PROPOSAL Group 7 Title Changing the Dynamics of Hospitality Industry and World of Hyatt Objective To study and learn • About the Hospitality Industry and its dynamics – Hyatt is the case in point. • The factors which are contributing in shaping the Industry, customer behaviour and expectations in the 21st centaury • Future opportunities and challenges which can be looked into Methodology The history of Hospitality industry (specifically luxury hospitality) is studied along with the birth of Hyatt and other competitors. Factors which have shaped the industry are studied in detail and the evolvements of companies along with their positions in the industry have been discussed. Future trends with disruptive transformation…show more content…
He purchased the Hyatt House motel adjacent to the Los Angeles International Airport which marked the start of Hyatt. Over the following decade, Jay Pritzker and his brother, Donald Pritzker grew the company into a North American management and hotel ownership company, which became a public company in 1962. In 1968, Hyatt International was formed and subsequently became a separate public company. Hyatt Hotels Corporation is a global hospitality company with widely recognized, industry leading brands and a tradition of innovation developed over our sixty-year history. We develop, own, operate, manage, franchise, license, or provide services to a portfolio of properties, consisting of full service hotels, select service hotels, resorts, and other properties, including branded spas and fitness studios, timeshare, fractional, and other forms of residential and vacation…show more content…
Hilton followed aggressive business strategy in terms of expansion of the business. They have added around 100000 rooms in 2015. And, most of the rooms have been converted from their competitors. Future Roadmap Presently, Hyatt uses “Assess Systems” for identifying the fundamental DNA required for guest-interaction positions. This was customized by the developer for exclusive use by Hyatt to tap into the extensive employee database of Hyatt called as “Taleo”. When initially used for the first time, Hyatt tried to recruit people with “avoid” score and their performance was validated after one and half year; 80% of them were rated poor thus validating “Assess Systems”. After this has been successfully implemented, the entire process of applications pouring in, assessments of candidates, scoring and grading were automated which would save in Taleo. Managers now use this information to interview desirable candidates. The process also enabled to make better and faster hiring decisions. Such custom tailoring needs to be continued in the upcoming future which will further improve the processes for better customer

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