Case Study: Chase Bank Teller

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P alleges false arrest. P alleges she was waiting for Ms. Lindsay (non-party) outside a Chase Bank. P states that after Ms. Lindsay did not return for a long time, P entered the bank and asked Ms. Lindsay to hurry then left the bank. P alleges she was arrested and 16 days later he was indicted. MOS, the 17th precinct anti-crime team, state that MOS received a call from a bank teller at Chase Bank who reported that an individual was attempting to cash a forged check. The 17th precinct anti-crime team was addressing bank fraud in the area and provided their contact to banks in the area. Defendant MOS Harris, Duffy, Gonzalez, and Brizuela arrived at the location. MOS Harris entered the bank and spoke with a bank teller and the teller provided

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