Case Study: Chick-Fil A

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Chick Fil A owes a duty not only to their employees, but to anyone that their business activities affect. As a business they have a responsibility to support public interest or minimize the negative impact that they have on their community. What is morally at stake for Chick Fil A is their obligations to the public and their public image. Cathy may not support gay marriage but he can use Chic Fil A as a platform to support organizations in support of the LGBT community or fundraisers in their communities to support the fair treatment of all citizens. Their responsibility to their community does not have to compromise their values and/or beliefs. As Mr. Cathy has stated he does not support gay marriage, but he supports all people…show more content…
One example of an ethical principle is divine command. Under the divine command theory, the action taken is right if God says it is right. Cathy was stated saying that he supports the biblical definition of marriage. Under divine command, Cathy’s decision is considered moral if he is following God’s law correctly. It would be considered immoral if he did not follow the command of God. The rights theory is another principle that is relevant to this case. Under the rights theory, most people believe that we are entitled to basic rights, life, liberty, free speech, etc. Cathy was entitled to use his right to freedom of speech. Almost all theorists agree that rights should be respected and people should have them. However, a counter to this claim is that those who wish may within their same sex should also have that right. Consequential ethics is an outcome based theory that could also be relevant to the case. Specifically, Utilitarianism because it deals with the balance of pleasure and pain for everyone. It is important to understand that utilitarianism deals with the greatest good for the greatest number. There could be two possible…show more content…
Virtue ethics could also be relevant to this case. Virtue ethics include desirable attitudes which will contribute to social harmony. Cathy’s attitude toward same-sex marriage created discord and sparked a wide debate. Many people protested restaurants, while those in support created a Chick Fil A appreciation day. Cathy’s may believe that his actions was virtuous, however; his comments and actions are in contrast to this ethical principle. Another ethical principle that can be applied to the case is the deontological theory of categorical imperative. Under this ethical principle Cathy could argue that he had a moral duty to state and follow the laws that are given from God asserting that we are bringing God’s judgement on ourselves when we try to redefine the definition of marriage. Also under this principle it is the responsibility of the business to do the greatest good for its stakeholders in general. When Cathy stated his stance against same-sex marriage he was not thinking of his customers or the employees of the organization. As the owner of Chick-fil-A he did not respect people and
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