Case Study: Cliffside Rehabilitation & Residential Health Care Center

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One Mission Two Methods

My academic service learning was completed at two sites the first being the Cliffside Rehabilitation & Residential Health Care Center in Flushing NY. The second site was the Ozanam Hall Nursing Home located in Bayside NY. I decided to do an ASL report over a business report in order to get a feel of an industry I could potentially form a career in as a health and human services major. The reason I chose to complete my ALS at two different locations was because I thought it would allow me to gain a better perspective on how two facilities with same agenda could be run differently. Another reason was the distance from my house to my first choice in Cliffside was too far for a second trip. My friend had to be my chauffer
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Patti asked for my assistance with some file work later on. This included organizing how many of the residents spoke a different language like Hindi, Spanish, Mandarin, Hebrew, German etc. I tallied the number of speakers for each language and made copies of basic language guidelines for each spoken language. I noticed that there were surprisingly more Spanish speakers than English. While I was doing this the residents were watching a movie that they had already seen. Soon it was time for me to leave. Ashley and Mrs. Patti were hoping that I would come volunteer the next day as well because they were understaffed, which would leave Ashley alone for the whole day . But unfortunately I was not able back to help them out.
I completed my other 4 hours two weeks later at the Ozanam nursing home. Where I interacted with the residents by keeping them company, entertaining them, taking them where ever it is they needed to go. When I walked in complete awe! The place was oozing in luxury compared to Cliffside. The Ozanam hall made Cliffside look like dirt. It was extremely clean; it had security guard, a beauty parlor, multiple auditoriums, 10 floors, a cute little café and a dining hall on every other floor. The residents even seemed to be happier and
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