Case Study: Clover Food Truck

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1.Summary: An overview of Who (the company/org and key players); What (they did), Where (location; national/regional impact), When (time line) and How (their approach).

Ayr Muir, the founder of Clover food truck, started a local vegetarian food truck in July 2012. The food truck made its first debut on the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In just four years, Clover had grown from one food truck to five food trucks, and it has opened two brick-and-mortar restaurants in Boston metropolitan area. His goal is to make Clover to become a global fast-food provider and compete with fast-food giant franchise such as McDonald’s. Muir provide customers with tasty local organic fresh food that meat eaters would also be willing to purchase.

2.The Challenges: Include a discussion of the specific challenges they faced.

Ayr Muir wanted to sell food/products that would help solve the environmental issues. He wanted to change Americans way of eating, from meat based diet to plant based diet. To help reduce carbon emission by 15 to 20 percent per year caused by the production and consumption of meat.

He wanted to create a restaurant that simply serve excellent “meatless” food at competitive price to help the environment, but Clover’s investors think that the company would not be able to compete with global fast food chain if it operates based on this concept alone. Muir has to develop products that would be appealing to large number of

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