Case Study: Coca-Cola Co. V. Koke Company

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Coca-Cola Co. v. Koke Co. of America,
254 U.S. 143 (1920)
U.S. Sup. Ct.

1886 marked the invention of a caramel-colored soft drink created by John Pemberton. Coca-Cola got its name after two main ingredients, coca leaves and kola nuts. The Coca-Cola Company is suing Koke Company of America from using the word Koke on their products. They believe Koke Company of America is violating trademark infringement and is unfairly making and selling a beverage for which a trademark Coke has used. The Koke Company claims that the Coca-Cola Company contained cocaine (from coca leaves) in its product, which it no longer did. The trial court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, Coca-Cola Co, but the Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the ruling. Coca-Cola
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