Case Study: Comcast Spotlight Company

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Comcast Spotlight offers both financial and nonfinancial compensation as part of the overall compensation package for both sales and non-sales employees. As an Account Executive my financial compensation package includes a salary, commission on sales, bonus opportunities, and benefits. My salary works out to be about 25% of my total taxable income. I make 8.5% commission on the advertising dollars I bring in. Also, my commission rate doubles after I meet my quota for the year. The benefits include comprehensive health care insurance, 401K, and a stock purchase plan. The financial compensation is very competitive in the media sales within media sales in Chicago. An example would be an outdoor advertising company in the market is 100% commission with a 4.5% rate. An outdoor media Account Executive could very easily generate double the revenue, and not make the same as Account Executive with Comcast Spotlight.…show more content…
The most popular would be heavily discounted services for employees. I pay $50 per month for Cable, Internet, Phone, and Home Security. Those services could very easily top $250 per month. Comcast Spotlight also offers tuition reimbursement (up to $8,000) for employees pursuing degrees relevant to their role in the company. Comcast offers a wide range of training opportunities to employees that directly tie to job functions and/or future roles within the company. Since the purchase of NBCUniversal, employees are able to purchase discounted movie tickets and admission to Universal

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