Case Study: Consider The Crown

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A campaign that will raise awareness, across the sport of football, of the dangers associated with the sport. Using the National Football League (NFL) as a platform, Consider the Crown will Consider the Crown’s target market is the parents, coaches, and kids between the ages of 12-18. The target market has a vested interest in football through participation and/or viewing professional football games in person or through media outlets. It is important for those in the target market to be informed of the risks associated with the sport of football. Parents who have a child interested in or participating in football need to be informed.. Those coaches in charge of teach athletes the fundamentals of football have an obligation to know how to…show more content…
By using advertising, publicity, sales promotions and social media the campaign will work to grasp the attention of its target market. Brain injury prevention and education is Consider the Crown’s main objective and the campaign wants its consumers to understand this emphasis. Consider the Crown hopes to captivate its audience by….state which image I want to create Through advertising, Consider the Crown will reach out to a large audience. In Consider the Crown’s advertising efforts newspapers, radio spots and television commercials will be utilized. Four weeks before Consider the Crown takes place advertisements will appear in these various mediums and will reappear throughout the campaign. The NFL will make an announcement regarding the campaign through a press conference explain what Consider the Crown is and what the campaign’s objectives are. Several press releases will also be made available after each week of the…show more content…
A mixed approach will use both a Web 1.0 and Web 2.0… A Web 1.0 approach is.. and Web 2.0 approach is… The NFL website will be an outlet for the campaigns target market to obtain Social media outlets will also be utilized for consumers to learn about the campaign and gather information. Using the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the Consider the Crown campaign events surrounding the campaign will be promoted. Consumers will be informed of what will take place in each stadium on game days and information will be… through these accounts. The promotional code, CROWN32 as well as all promotions that will be occurring will be disseminated through these accounts…. Fans will be encouraged to use social media to share photographs and videos. The Consider the Crown campaign hopes that through its social media efforts it will be able to interact with its consumers and that through the stories of fans and former

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