Essay On Criminalization And Securitization

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Unit 6: Criminalization and Securitization In the lecture, I think that when individuals deviate from the social norm, there will be a lot of criticism, opposition, and hate. Even though violating social norms don't have legal outcomes, it can impact a person’s social interactions because it can make people feel uncomfortable when they are surrounded by them and can also label them as abnormal or weird. For example, there are no laws about homosexual people walking down the street holding hands. If people in my town see them walking and holding hands, they will get a shocked reaction and get weird stares or maybe even avoid them. I think that breaking social norms is not always bad because you can break a social norm and have a positive impact…show more content…
It kinda shocked me how schools actually want those students to fail based on their ethnic, racial, and sexual identities. Schools are known for helping all students achieve their academic career. There is also this one part where a student was interviewed and said that school staffs often watch students of color and treat them differently from whites. I feel like all students should be treated fairly and equally so that they can feel safe and comfort in schools and around their…show more content…
Jails are not teaching prisoner's anything. Young children and adults sell drugs to provide for themselves and there should be law enforcements focusing on drugs. They also discussed how the DARE program didn't really work to prevent drug abuse because it gets young kids to know what these drugs are. Now as they teach children that drugs are harmful to your health, most kids don't listen or follow the direction of what they're told to do. Some children will follow that rule but with others, they wouldn't pay attention. I think it should me more of a parents responsibilities to teach their children about the good and bad of drugs, and that the parents should teach them when they deem it to be appropriate. Not have schools force children to learn about
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