Case Study: Current Issues In International Relations

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Alican Yıldızalp
Prof. Dr. Nazif Mandacı
Current Issues in International Relations
June 16, 2015
United States of America’s Foreign Policy Towards China
United States’ first contact with the People’s Republic of China is dating back to the Korean War. Historically, after a little bloodshed and diplomatic crisis’, current status of relations were reached. If we want to understand the United States policies toward China, we must understand the Asia-Pacific region in detail. United States and China are mainly operating, cooperating and competing at the Asia-Pacific region. Mostly clashes are focusing on economic and geopolitical interests, however; currently the focus is being enhanced with economic and monetary competition promoted by so-called
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This idea gained significant attention on American side because it proposed bilateral platform that would work to solve global and bilateral problems and increase stability across the globe. This type of mechanism could be a solution for Sino-American problems and third-party regional problems along with the global crises and wars. Also, increasing U.S. debt and dollar dependence between China and United States could lead to such platform. This would be a peaceful and tangible solution for current and future problems and must be worked through. However, Chinese side is not that willing to move into such platform. U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue is a good platform to discuss such problems bilaterally and improving into higher levels of diplomacy could lead to global and regional stability at unexpectedly good levels. Also human rights is still a huge concern between United States and China since Americans accusing China by underestimating human rights and various violations on political and social fields. These political problems are occurring due to different regimes between two sides and American misunderstanding of Chinese structure and lack of transparency between Chinese government institutions. For the transparency issues, White Papers of the People’s Liberation Army are very important. Overtime, these White Papers have gained more transparency and this resulted into mutual understanding between China and United States on military issues. These military reports on both sides with good transparency may result for lowering tensions between two powers. Trust between two powers is highly important because in the lack of trust, two sides may involve into

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