Conflict Management: A Case Study Of Nordstrom's Culture

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Abstract Think about a time where you needed to return an item but did not have the receipt. You decide to return it anyway. The store associate tells you no, and is in no way recanting their answer. How did that make you feel? Now, imagine being able to return that item years later without the receipt. How would that make you feel? Well, that is the culture of Nordstrom. In 1901 John W. Nordstrom established the company’s philosophy “ offer the customer the best possible service, selection, quality, and value” (Nelson and Quick, 2015, p. 508). Nordstrom’s emphasis on customer service is what sets them apart from any other fashion specialty chain. Given their strict focused, one could consider how they handle conflict. Customer Service…show more content…
Backing that the customer is always right, Nordstrom’s allow clientele to return an item without a receipt or conflict. Clientele can also do the same years later. This is an example of conflict management style, avoiding. Deciding to take no action and “avoiding” conflict is one way to keep clientele satisfied. This not only shows the utmost customer service, but it also so shows Nordstrom’s stands behind their product. Nordstrom culture is also an example of conflict the management approach of accommodating. Nordstrom is a business therefore the company believes that what you put in you get out. Their customer is right approaches allows them to not focus on revenue, because it’s going to be there with the repeat business. Nordstrom displays the approach of competing as well. Returns are subsequently handled on a case-by-case basis with the customer succeeding with the return. “Nordstrom knows it is not the price but the customer service that gains and retains loyalty customers that generate strong profit” (Nelson and Quick, 2015, p 508). Nordstrom is also one of the superior fashion specialty stores because of this approach of competing. The avoiding approach and compromising are related. In this article Nordstrom decides to take no action to avoid conflict. Nordstrom is also compromising when avoiding. That is because they will go to great…show more content…
Being able to encompass all conflict management styles allows them to gain trust from clientele, and subsequently build strong relationships. The disadvantages to these approaches reflect negatively on the company. “Always putting the customer first can backfire on the company in major ways” (Importance of Conflict Management, n.d.). Allowing customer to return items with out proper documentation leaves the company vulnerable to lost of revenue and
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